How internet applications can be applied in education

Published On: July 20, 2022

In this era everyone uses Google, Yahoo , Bing to search a wide array of subjects. It contains a wealth of information which can be reached within a extremely short period of time. The internet has introduced improvements in technology, communication, and online entertainment.

Advantages of Using the Internet For Education

Affordable Education: One of the main barriers in education is high cost. The Internet improves and provides affordable education through online classes and videos teaching all kinds of subjects. It improves the quality of education which is one of the pillars of sustainability of the nation. Online education like zoom classes provides education at the comfort of the house without having to move out and spend much.

Effective Teaching and Learning Tool: The internet has become an effective tool for teaching and learning. Professors can further post their teaching and notes on the Mahindra University email forum. The learning process becomes interesting to learn after the usage of tutorial videos and notes. Further, professors can also use animation, powerpoint slides and images to capture the students attention.

Shift From Using The Library: Earlier, students used the library, encyclopedias and magazines to find information for their work. Today internet contains all kinds of information to support their studies. It allows them to research, read research papers, textbooks from their computers. Online research further sharpers their critical thinking abilities by using the net for credibility and usefulness.

Easy Access to Quality Education: Professors as well as students can have easy access to quality education and study materials.There are tutorial videos to help, guide and support professors as well as students to learn and understand better. Interactive lessons, educational quizzes as well as tutorial help the professors to guide the students better than just notes.

Usage of Digital Media: People use digital media frequently. Digital bulletin boards save paper and attracts the attention of the students. In today’s world, there are lot of educational resources that are rich in quality and easy to understand.

Avoiding Communication Error: Internet can make the professors to bid adieu to lost assignment sheets and memos sent to parents. At Mahindra University, Internet is used in the form of a page to communicate marks to the parents. Batch wise emails can open a dialogue between the students and the professors. Students can have an open dialogue with their professors and download course materials and readings from the net.

The Internet is an advantage to the people and is used by everyone all over the world. It has a great impact on imparting education to the students and can be used to increase and develop the development of the students.

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