School of Media

With a focus on creativity and innovation in the digital age, Mahindra University’s School of Media provides a platform for aspiring media professionals to develop their skills and knowledge, and to understand the role of communication in our lives.

The multidisciplinary approach offered is beneficial for prospective students as it allows them to explore various aspects of media and gain a broader understanding of the industry. A well designed curriculum enables students to learn skills they will require in the new media environment – be it in journalism, digital media, application of computing, or other communication disciplines.

Starting in A/Y 2023-24, the School is admitting students to (i) B.Tech. (Computation & Media) and (ii) B.A Journalism & Mass Communication, catering to different interests and career paths within the media field.

Over the next few years, the School will offer programs in functional and technical areas of communication and allied areas.

One of the key strengths of the school will be its experienced faculty consisting of industry experts. Having professionals who are actively engaged in the media industry ensures that students receive up-to-date knowledge and insights. The passion of the faculty members for sharing their expertise and fostering critical thinking skills is likely to inspire and motivate students.

State-of-the-art facilities and hands-on training provided by the School of Media further enhance the learning experience. By gaining practical experience in media production, storytelling, data science, extended reality and emerging technologies, students can develop the necessary skills to thrive in the rapidly evolving media landscape.

Overall, the School of Media at Mahindra University will strive to offer a dynamic and immersive learning environment, combining theoretical knowledge with practical training.

Bishnu P Pal

Dr. Shashidhar Nanjundaiah

Dean of School of Media

Prof. Shashidhar Nanjundaiah, Professor and Dean of the School of Media, Mahindra University is a distinguished figure in the field of higher education and news media. With an illustrious career marked by successful start-ups, transformative leadership, and editorial excellence, he stands as a reputed leader in these domains.

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Programs Offered

Keeping in mind the changing demands in education, Mahindra University keeps up with the ever-changing and diverse curriculum that prepares its students for the future workplace.