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Mechatronics Engineering


Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary discipline in engineering that integrates electronics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, robotics, control, telecommunications, and product design. To many it is synonymous with automation of electromechanical system engineering that finds wide applications in modern healthcare, automotive and advanced automated manufacturing engineering, in general. In this program, you are a thinker and a doer. You will find out how to make application-specific devices more safe and easier to use/handle. And of course: you design them! Think of an automated car wash, a robot-operated laser welding in automotive industries or surgery in healthcare, a wheelchair or robot arm replacement.

The word ‘Mechatronics’ was originally coined by Tetsuro Mori of the Japanese company Yaskawa Electric Corporation, who held it as a company trade mark for years before making it license-free for anyone to use it in the world. In this course we will teach and expose you to the theory and practical knowledge that underpin Mechatronics so that at the end of the degree program you would become a specialist in automated system design techniques to substitute (at least to a great extent) requirements of physical hands-on-control and human intervention in situations where robotic products are essential and carry out automated product manufacturing engineering.

Expected Program

Characteristic attributes of the graduating students:

  • To be able to understand the basic engineering concepts with theoretical foundation in mathematical/physical modelling and software engineering.

  • To be able to understand and apply various concepts of mechanical design, electronics design and control.

  • To have the ability to apply engineering methods and tools to specify and develop mechanical components and systems in the context of mechatronics.

  • To have the ability to apply the engineering methods and tools and master the related skills in the process of developing mechatronic systems and products.

  • To have the ability to apply engineering methods and tools to, specify and develop analog and digital electronic circuits, specify and develop embedded hardware and software in a mechatronic context.

About the Program

This interdisciplinary program is offered by Department of Mechanical Engineering in the Ecole Centrale School of Engineering at Mahindra University in collaboration with the departments of Electronic and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Engineering. The 4-year degree program provides students with broad engineering-related knowledge through basic courses in mechanics, electronics, computer programming, mathematics and physics. You will gain additional knowledge in management, design, Intelligent machines, health care and automated manufacturing.

Students will have the option to specialize in the broad discipline of mechatronics in any one of the streams:

Credit Split Up

Credit Split Up

Outline of curriculum


The competencies of a mechatronics engineer get developed around students working on the following topics of study