Ph.D in Business Administration : Decision Sciences

The doctoral program in Decision Sciences is an interdisciplinary field that draws on statistics, machine learning, decision theory, game theory, and operations research to study decision making by individuals and organizations.

The program aims to produce academics who are rigorously trained in mathematical and technical skills to tackle complex business problems of the modern digital era. As a Ph.D student of Decision Science, you are expected to work on the mathematically difficult problems of various business domains including Economics, Finance, Marketing, and Operations management. For this purpose, you will have access to superior research facilities of Mahindra University such as the supercomputer laboratory, interesting datasets, and various industry connections. Working closely with the faculty members of MUSOM, you will have the opportunity to publish your research in high-quality peer-reviewed academic journals. As a teaching assistant, you will also learn the nuances of teaching undergraduate and masters level management courses which will help you have a fulfilling academic career in various Indian and global universities.

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