Social Media and its Positive Impact on Youth

Published On: August 4, 2022

Positive effects of social media are a sense of social connectivity and belonging, self-satisfaction, self-esteem, self-development and emotional expression.

This can be especially important to those who don’t have many friends or need someone to express their feelings and thoughts.

Social media is part of society and is here to stay. Therefore, rather than asking the youngsters to stay away from social media, encouraging them to use it positively can be beneficial.

Encourages Creativity: Social media in today’s world is about lucid and creatively making content. If you have the skills and resources, everything can be put on social media, from graphics to videos to written content. So if a youth likes writing, cooking, stitching or any hobby, it can be developed and honed by putting it on social media and getting reviews from viewers.

Social Media Acts as an Educational Material: Social Media is an excellent learning source. Being a creator on social media and engaging with others helps you gain additional knowledge and varied perspectives; this can be used to educate many people. Further, you can also learn information and gather knowledge through social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, blogs and other informational apps. Also, many educational institutions use social media to reach out to students and others.

Develops social and Communication Skills: Social media provides youngsters with a chance to initiate conversations with their peers. The medium might help to be familiar with a social environment with who might otherwise struggle to hold a conversation. They can have more time to ponder over their actions and look out for people who share similar interests. Further, they can discuss an array of topics.

Provides Them with a Platform to Speak Up: Many youngsters feel they have nobody to talk to or nobody to listen to them. Therefore, they feel shy talking to people in public. However, social media can act as a platform for them to express themselves through their writings, images or even making videos. This allows them to express themselves indirectly as social media might give them the confidence to speak out in public too.

Brings About a Positive Change Using Social Media: Most youths use social media to do good and make positive changes within the community. Social Media shows a path to support causes, condemn an issue, raise money, and promote charity events.

Acts as a Confidence Booster: Relying on social media for self-worth is quite dangerous as it can bring about major shifts in your moods. At the same time, it can be seen as a positive change as it helps boost your self-confidence. For example, it can help a shy, introverted teenager become bold and confident. They can introduce each other to different ideas and varied ways of living.

Apart from certain negatives, where one might have to venture carefully, social media can have quite a lot of positive effects on the youth. Like improving communication, introducing each other to different lifestyles, and expressing yourself creatively. As long as no negative streak is shining, you should encourage them to use it responsibly.

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