The Various Communication Styles

Published On: August 22, 2022

The five basic communication styles are passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, assertive, and manipulative. Every individual has a particular communication style through which they communicate. Therefore, it is important to understand each communication style and why the individual uses them.

After reading this article, you will have a better understanding of how individuals use different communication styles.

It is said that styles can be combined, and individuals can use different styles when communicating with different people.

Assertive Communication Style: This is said to be the best and the most fruitful form of communication. It is a kind of open communication where the communicator expresses his thoughts, needs, feelings, and emotions in a firm but polite manner. They keep others’ thoughts and feelings in mind while communicating their needs. One of the key elements of assertive behavior is the usage of the word ‘I’. ‘I’ is used in almost all sentences while speaking without sounding authoritative and rude. It indicates ownership of emotions and feelings while being courteous.

Phrases assertive communicator would use:

“I believe I done something right.”

“I feel this is the right way to do it.”

“I respect others’ rights.”

Passive Communication Style: In this form of communication, the person acts indifferently and usually uses go with the flow outlook. They yield to others and cannot express themselves, clearing the way for others to explain and slightly have the upper hand in the conversation.

Phrases passive communicator would use:

“It does not affect me that much”

“I am not concerned about it.”

Aggressive Communication Style:When someone communicates aggressively, it is pretty evident in their tone and language. Communication is done in a loud and demanding tone.

Usually, domination and intimidation are shown through tone and behavior. Aggressive communicators often demand and command respect from those around them.

Phrases aggressive communicator would use:

“I know what I am doing.”

“You don’t have to tell me.”

“It is all your fault.”

Passive- Aggressive Communication Style:These people appear passive on the forefront but turn aggressive when they feel or are left powerless. They use discreet or indirect ways to show their anger or displeasure. They struggle to express their anger and usually give people silent treatment or talk behind their back. They may appear cooperative but actually may be the opposite. They quite don’t express their emotions much. They know their needs but don’t voice them out in the open much.

Phrases passive-aggressive communicator would use:

“I am fine by this, but others may have an issue.”

“Why do you need me? I thought you had a lot of friends.”

Manipulative Communication Style:People use deceit and cunning to communicate in this kind of communication. They won’t express their feelings, and their true intentions will never be known. They are secretive and like to keep most matters hush. These communicators understand what they want and how to get it, not directly and honestly, but through manipulation.

Phrases manipulator communicator would use:

“you are too sensitive.”

“you would do this for me, won’t you?”

“you made me do this!”

Out of the various communication styles people use daily, assertiveness is the best form of communication to use. It is direct and straightforward without being dominating or manipulative. These communicators get their way by being firm and polite. They desire to achieve their goals through honesty and high self-esteem.

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