Top Reasons why should you pursue BA LLB course

Published On: January 17, 2022

“Law and order are the medicine of the body politic, and when the body politic gets sick, medicine must be administered” – B.R. Ambedkar

When we go back in history, we can see how the fate of society had changed with each law reform. Law and order had been created to maintain a healthy society for people. However, with each passing day, the crime rates are increasing, and newer forms like cybercrimes are also rising. This tells us that the increase in new kinds of crimes is posing a challenge with technological advancements. It brings to our notice the importance of educating more people about land laws and their rights. Furthermore, current generation children are more aware than earlier generation thanks to the easy availability and access of information and news, primarily facilitated by the internet.

Today, young minds are more curious and enthusiastic to bring positive societal changes. To accomplish this, students need to be adequately educated. Now there are various colleges and universities which offer courses in law. Aspiring candidates who want to become lawyers should opt for LLB courses or BA LLB courses. Candidates benefit significantly from these courses as they develop problem-solving and excellent communication skills.

What is an LLB course?

Bachelor of Laws or LLB is a three-year undergraduate course. It focuses on the study of legislative law, which covers all the different types of laws in the four semesters of this course. In addition, the students are introduced to subjects like corporate law and various legislations of Central & state governments and multiple regulators.

Benefits of doing an LLB:

Trains students with a plethora of skills: The law students get to learn various skills while studying this course. They acquire research skills and develop analytical skills as well. In addition, they get to analyse numerous case studies, which make their communication skill strong.

Combines Theory with Practical: This profession involves massive law theories, and the students have to learn these theories by heart. Therefore, this course also offers practical training for the students as a law profession involves both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Name, fame, and Status: Lawyers are highly respected in society as they are closely related to bringing justice to people and doing good for society.

Transferable skills: This course teaches candidates numerous skills that can benefit them in any career. Their ability to communicate and express becomes strong, which is an advantage. Their research and analytical skills would also be enhanced and thus enabling them to pursue any profession requiring heavy research work. All these skills are easily transferable. They can opt for any career if they want to with this set of skills.

With the growing popularity in the business and law profession, many aspiring students want to pursue BBA LLB courses and BA LLB courses. A BBA LLB course enables the students to develop business administration related skills and knowledge. The BA LLB course entirely focuses on providing a vast understanding of law and order. One of the famous universities which provide these courses is Mahindra University. Mahindra University’s School of Law is built on doing good for society and giving back to the community. The moto behind creating this department is to equally serve all the sections of society. This university realises the changing needs of society and the need to impart advanced education to aspiring students.

Since they believe in imparting modern and creative education for students, they offer BBA LLA courses and BA LLB courses. These courses are five years of integrated undergraduate programmes that cater to various candidates from different educational backgrounds.

Their faculty and teachers are highly esteemed experts in their field of specialisation. Most of these faculties hold doctorate degrees and come with vast experience from the area of law. They provide unique research culture and integration through moot courts in the initial years of the course so that students become active participants from the beginning. In addition, they offer numerous opportunities which help the students to sharpen their skills and become the best in whatever profession they choose to pursue.

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