Why BBA LLB is the right course for Law and Business enthusiasts in 2022

Published On: April 11, 2022

Over a couple of years, the demand for certified lawyers and attorneys has increased. There has been a sharp rise in the number of law graduates who earn a degree from prestigious law schools to build a career in this discipline and get high remuneration at prestigious law firms. There’s a reason for this: the reputation marked by the legal profession is highly desired. So, it’s not surprising that the discipline is gaining humungous attention.

But the dynamics have changed a bit, citing visible evolution in the law education sector over the last few years. As a result, most educational spaces have now redesigned their courses according to the ever-evolving trends of the industry. As a result of this dynamic change, courses like Bachelor of Business Administration and Legislative Law Honours (BBA LLB) have been pioneered and built in. The BBA LLB– an undergraduate programme – is a vast course wherein students can acquire high law professional skills and positions. It constitutes the study of law, business and business management. The diverse course lasts for five years and includes as many as ten semesters.

Benefits of pursuing BBA LLB

The five-year programme guarantees a variety of career opportunities in India and globally. The aspirant does not only have job opportunities in the law sector but also in the business world.

The course will broaden students’ perspectives and open multiple doors for him or them. For example, students can choose to work either as a specialist in the legal sector or work on a part-time basis. Similar opportunities are available in the business sector.

In today’s hyper-competitive world, business is changing faster than ever, thanks to the growing trends and digitisation. This allows BBA LLB graduates to work in both sectors and double the remuneration package.

The vast course offers employment positions in the business and banking sector, consultancies, law firms, revenue departments, judiciary departments and courts, litigation, government agencies, non-profits, legal process outsourcing, sales tax and excise departments. On completing the BBA LLB course, aspirants can apply for the position of law reporter, finance manager, legal advisor, sub-magistrate, deputy, assistant advisor, management accountant, advocate.

No. that’s not it. There’s more to it.

Is there a college that offers to learn beyond textbooks to understand BBA LLB?

As BBA LLB is gaining attention, many students across the country are applying to most premier law schools. How to decide which one is premier and credible? Mahindra University is one of the top colleges for BBA LLB courses that offer integrated learning in management studies and law.

Law students at Mahindra University, which is considered the best college for BBA LLB in Hyderabad, will focus on topics like fundamentals of management, finance and accounting, communication, the law of Torts, constitutional law, criminal law, civil wrongs, administrative law, company law, property law, family law, to name a few.

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