Why Should You Pursue a Career in BBA in Digital Technologies?

Published On: February 18, 2022

Technologies can make our world peaceful and fair. Digital Technologies arethe branch of science or engineering knowledge that deals with creating and practical use of digital or computerized devices, methods, systems. The advancement ofdigital technologies has occurred more rapidly than any innovation in our history. According to a UN report, technology reaches around 50% of the developing world’s population in only two decades and transforms societies.

In the digital revolution era, the impact of digital technology is seen in every industry that can produce rapidly, efficiently and effectively. The three main effects of digital technology on the industrial sector are massive supply chain restructuring, mass customization and increased productivity and flexibility.

Technology has made our lives easier, faster, convenient, and comfortable as multi-functional devices such as wristwatches and smartphones are available with multiple features. In addition, computers and laptops have faster-working hardware, which is convenient and powerful and makes applications easier for people.

E.g., AI-enabled technologies in the health sector are helping in the saving of lives, extending the life expectancy and diagnosis of illness. In addition, remote learning has offered educational opportunities to students who otherwise would not have been able to learn due to the closing of institutions.

With AI’s help through blockchain-powered platforms, public services are becoming more accessible and accountable. In addition, further big data, which helps improve operations and customer service, among other things, help policymakers and programmers create better responses and specific policies.

The essentiality of digital technology in marketing is that one can record and analyze the execution and result of the campaigns. This is because when digital marketers spend their time on money-making campaigns, they want to see the successful output of those campaigns.

Why BBA In Digital Technologies at Mahindra University?

It is the only program with an IVY LEAGUE collaboration. The Cornell faculty help in designing the program, teaching in the program, and Cornell will host the students on their Ithaca, NY campus. It is one of the very few BBA programs in India that provides a solid grounding in business disciplines and digital technologies.

Further, it focuses on creating industry-ready graduates working in data-rich industries such as retail (online and offline), fast-moving consumer goods, banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), consulting, travel and hospitality, etc. Also, the demand for the skills and competencies provided by this program would grow in India’s digital startup ecosystem, technology firms, and the e-commerce and digital marketing industry.

Future of Digital Technology

Reaping benefits out of the transformation of the digital industry is the agenda of the businesses for the next couple of years. Therefore, the years 2022-2025 are critical for the implementation across all sectors.

To be growing in the coming years, digital industries must organize themselves to improve their consumers’ experiences and maximize business outcomes across many mediums, establishing solid and critical linkages between people, infrastructure, and information for seamless interchange.

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