The E-Summit hosted by the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cell took place on the 28th and 29th of April and was themed “Triumph over Turmoil”.


The event aimed to explore and connect with businesses and individuals that displayed unwavering resilience and strength to adapt to circumstances of any sort. The occasion expected to interface with organizations and people that showed steady versatility and saw a huge number of famous industry specialists and persuasive speakers share their accounts and experiences. Students and participants also got an opportunity to attend keynote speeches, and panel discussions and interact with successful entrepreneurs, mentors and investors.

The event also hosted a variety of unique events such as panel discussions, the business ideation challenge, startup showcases, interaction with the alumni and various other talks that were given by experienced people in the field. Students and budding entrepreneurs were also eager to interact with the speakers and actively took part in the various events that were organized to showcase their business ideas and prototypes and were appreciated through prizes and support. The E-Summit ‘22 was an extremely productive, interactive and engaging event.

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About the Guests
& Speakers

Dr. Yajulu Medury

He is the Vice-Chancellor of Mahindra University. He is an acclaimed academician and a seasoned professional with more than three decades of opulent Academic and Administrative experience. His contributions to the field of academics have been widely acknowledged. He has more than 40 publications to his credit which have been extensively circulated in national and international journals and conferences.

S. Ramakrishna Velamuri

He is a Dean and professor of the School of Management, Mahindra University. He was previously Chengwei Ventures Professor of Entrepreneurship at the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), on whose faculty he served for nearly 14 years (2007-2021).

Krishnan Iyer

He is the co-founder of just dial, one of India’s leading local search engines in Mumbai. He is also an angel investor and has invested in multiple companies. He believes in the power of good products and customer service and advises on the virtue of being patient and taking their time while building up a startup.

Mr. Sandeep Mukherjee

He is the co-founder and COO of ‘B-live’ India’s first e-bike tourism initiative. He also has a plethora of experience in various industries like telecom, mobile, electric vehicles, IoT, etc. He is passionate about future technologies, and consumer marketing and enthusiastic about building profitable businesses from scratch.

Mr. Venkatesh Iyer

He is the co-founder of Goli vada pav noticed a significant opportunity in selling affordable, clean, ethnic fast food to lower-income customers in India. He is a speaker and author who has given over 250 speeches in India and overseas at major entrepreneurial summits and business schools such as Harvard, IMD, ISB Hyderabad, and others. His ultimate aim is to see the “corporatization” of the humble vada-pav.

Mr. Narayana Swaroop

He is a Venture Partner at Ah! Ventures. He is an entrepreneur, strategist & tactician with a successful track record of building teams and organizations with a strong customer focus. His proactive leadership, Out-of-the-Box thinking have led to enterprises and work environments with enhanced productivity and innovation, streamlined workflow and increased revenues. A skilled communicator and a networker and enthusiastic about establishing positive relationships with key players in the industry across globe.

Subbaraju Pricherla

He is a serial entrepreneur and a startup evangelist and employs himself at S P A Enterprises. He believes in and practices “Sustainable Growth” as a core philosophy. At present, he aims to make an impact in three core areas: the Food, Manufacturing and Assisted E-commerce industries through KLCP holdings. He is also the founder of CrossBorders, which provides much-needed support to young startup owners at their early stages.

Mr. Sid Chakraborthy

He is the CEO and founder of StaTwig. He is an alumnus of Osmania University and has a master’s degree in Telecommunication from the University of Maryland. He is a leader in emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain with a focus on leveraging these technologies to develop solutions that have large-scale social impact. StaTwig provides its customers with blockchain-powered supply chain solutions for enhanced product visibility.

Business Ideation Challenge

The Business Idea Challenge is a sub-event of E-Summit ’22, held on the 2nd day of E-Summit ’22 i.e. 29 April 2022. It happened in 2 rounds while 9 teams participated in Round 1 where Prof. Abhinav Chaturvedi and Prof. Manish Mathur judged the competition. Among the teams that participated in Round 1, 8 teams qualified for the final round, wherein the final round Mr Niranjan Aggarwal, Mr. Ambuj, Ms. Swetambari, and Mr. Manish Mathur has judged the final round of competition. After the tough competition given by all the teams, Team won the competition while Fitify got 2nd place and Team Spark Learning, and Team Swasthavritta shared the 3rd position.

Business Indentation


The start-up pavilion is a fantastic opportunity for start-ups in the early stages of development to show off their products, tools, and businesses. A panel of seasoned entrepreneurs will also mentor and judge the start-ups. Startup Pavilion was held as a part of E-Summit for 2 days where 12 early-stage startups took part in it. Every startup has its unique product /solution that can solve recent problems. Hon. Mr. Krishnan, Mr. Venky Iyer, Mr. Niranjan Aggarwal, Mr. Subbaraju, Mr. Narayan Swaroop, and Mr. Nilesh Jani visited all the stalls and were very impressed with the developments all the startups made. All the speakers gave valuable feedback to all the startups which will help them to scale in later stages. After the tough competition given by all the startups, Startup Spirulving won the competition, and Era by A and D stood in 2nd place.