Importance of Planetary Well-being in the Contemporary World

Published On: October 23, 2021

The first speaker, Dr Anupam, explained the existing condition of our planet by targeting the stance that the states have adopted with their environmental policies and regulations on 23rd October in an online webinar. He made a phenomenal point highlighting the problem with the existing approach by stating that humans have given themselves way too much importance as a species. Further, as a way forward, he justified the collective attitude that needs to be embedded globally among countries for effective tackling of climate change for moving towards a healthy planet.

The second speaker, Dr Mirian, began by explaining the work, values, and mission of the Earth Charter. She described how the organisation’s values and approach focus on bringing nations together and prioritising environmental well-being on a global level. She also spoke of the importance of being an eco-centric society and how all human activities and policies are required to contribute towards planetary well-being.