Mahindra University Robots for ABU ROBOCON -22

Published On: May 18, 2022

ROBOCON is an international level competition held every year. The competition has three stages, in the first stage the students have to design robots for playing LAGORI, which is the theme by ROBOCON for 2022. So many Institutes across INDIA submitted designs, very few institutes could clear the first level. Students of Mahindra University successfully completed the first level with a score of 90 out 100 which is in top 10 of all the teams. The team worked hard for completing the second level where they developed two robots one for shooting the LAGORI and other for piling the LAGORI broken (robots made by the team are given in Photos below). The team submitted their proof of concept of the robots and cleared the second stage. The team is enthusiastic about their participation in the final stage of competition going to be held in New Delhi organized by Indian Institute of Technology Delhi in June 2022.

MU Robocon-22 Team:

Students: Rahul Aryapaka, Rounak, Prakhar Gupta, Mayuk nandhula, Manish, Jatin.

Faculty Supervisors: Prof Deep Seth and Prof Janardhan Vistapalli