Privacy As A Constitutional Tort

Published On: October 21, 2021

Dr Usha Ramanathan was the guest speaker. She talked about the idea of privacy, Data protection, interest in data and collection of data by certain authorities on 21st October in an online webinar. After the 9/11 attack in the United States of America, a phenomenon that the state should know most things about its citizens has started emerging. The role played by the United Nations. She also discussed the concept of privacy, its origin and development as a legal concept in India and the part played by the courts. She discussed R. Rajagopalan vs State of Tamil Nadu and Selvi vs State of Karnataka case and the idea of privacy discussed by the Supreme Court of India. She discussed that the consequences of leaving digital footprints could have far-reaching implications.

Lastly, she emphasised that it is crucial to protect the right to privacy because no other right will be protected if there is no right to privacy. Therefore, violation of privacy by the government should be a constitutional tort.