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B2B Sales Excellence

Customers in general, seek to do business with firms that not only provide great products but also amazing buying experiences. Most customers are longing to find providers of products & services, who are outstandingly unique in their commercial strategies, and who can truly impress potential clients with their exceptional competencies. In a world where most sales personnel have similar working methods, clients want to deal with firms who are refreshingly “different”. Too many companies and sales managers, compensate for the weaknesses in their sales strategy thinking and relationship building, with excessive digital messages, digital tactics and gimmicks, that look dangerously similar to everyone around. The “human” touch, so dear to clients, is getting lost somewhere along the line. Many clients around the world, want to establish a true conversation with suppliers. They want them to understand their differential particularities, and partner with them in their growth journey. They want to be treated as if they were the most important client, or even the only client. This Workshop is aimed at building competencies & skills among sales & marketing managers, to deepen their knowledge of customers, and work towards building a lasting, trusted relationship with their clients.

what will you learn?


  • Deepening the knowledge of the client with each sales call.
  • Adapting to every type of client’s personality and behavior.
  • Evolve as genuine “trusted advisers” to the client.
  • Building a comprehensive client file.
  • Writing effective and comprehensive sales reports.

  • Using advanced techniques in order to do consultative selling.

  • Handling clients’ objections; leveraging colleagues as per need, for optimal effectiveness.

  • Developing a WIN-WIN, long-term approach to negotiating with clients.

Topics Covered

Key Issues covered in the Program

  • What does a prospective client really mean to you and your company?

  • What does an actual client mean to you and your company?
  • How to build, maintain, nurture, and continuously upgrade a true, solid, and long term relationship with a client?

  • How to understand diverse clients’ personalities, then adapt to them?

  • Vital importance of a comprehensive client file and its continuous updating

  • Mistakes to avoid with any client.

  • How to manage clients’ objections?

  • Comprehensive Sales Negotiation Strategy.

  • Step-by-step negotiation strategy where everybody wins.